The 7th Annual Conference of the International Chemical Biology Society (ICBS) was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during September 24th-27th, 2018. The theme of the 2018 conference was “Towards Translational Impact” and featured a broad range of cross-disciplinary speakers and participants from budding graduate students and rising academic stars, to well established principal investigators and industry scientists.

I was invited by the chair of the 'Computational Chemical Biology' session and presented the talk entitled "Probe Miner: Objective, Quantitative, Data-Driven Assessment of Chemical Probes" which sparked interesting discussions around the chemical biology data we are currently missing in public medicinal chemistry databases.



The joint British Pharmacological Society and Society for Medicines Research meeting 'Current trends in drug discovery: young scientists and tomorrow's medicines' was held the 7th June 2018 in London, UK.

I presented the talk entitled "Probe Miner: objective assessment of chemical probes to de-risk chemical biology and follow-up drug discovery" that was followed by an interesting discussion on how journals could enable an easier access to the supplementary data and some insteresting suggestions about making this data more easily accessible and digestible for the wider scientific community.



The BioData World Congress 2017 was held the 2 - 3 November 2017 in the EBI Hinxton campus in Cambridge, UK. The Congress brought together academia, industry and healthcare to discuss and debate how to come together to improve efficiencies within bio IT and biodata to the benefit of patients worldwide.

I presented a talk entitled "Data Science for Drug Discovery" which focused on the collective efforts of the Department of Data Science of the ICR around the development of the canSAR knowledgebase to support cancer drug discovery including recent efforts focusing in childhood cancers.


The AACR Annual Conference was held the 14-18th April 2018 in Chicago, USA.

The most important conference in cancer research worldwide covered the latest basic, translational, clinical, and prevention-focused research in the field, including important areas such as early detection, cancer interception, and survivorship in all populations.

I was invited to give a talk in the Educational Session chaired by Prof. Paul Workman and entitled "The Use and Abuse of Chemical Probes: Ensuring Best Practice for Interrogating Biology and Target Validation" which focused on communicating best practices when selecting and using chemical probes across fields. I gave the talk entitled "Harnessing large-scale public data for the objective assessment of chemical probes" which focused on explaining and exemplifying the Probe Miner website resource that we recently published in Cell Chemical Biology. Probe Miner raised a lot of interest at the meeting and the website was intensively accessed after the session. A webscast of the full Educational Session is available here and my slides are available at SlideShare.



The AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics: Discovery, Biology, and Clinical Applications is the the premier international meeting featuring novel cancer therapeutics and took place in October 26 - 30, 2017 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

I presented a poster entitled "Probe Miner: Objective, Quantitative, Data-Driven Assessment of Chemical Probes" which was very well attended and increased substantially the use of the Probe Miner resource for chemical probe assessment and selection. Abstract.


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