After working as a modeller in pharma industry and later becoming a PhD in Systems Pharmacology and a Marie Curie - Tecniospring Postdoctoral Fellow, I am now a Sir Henry Wellcome PostDoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), Department of Data Science and Division of Cancer Therapeutics in London (UK), one of the best academic drug discovery centers worldwide. Having worked in industry and academia, I am interested translational research aiming to bridge applied industrial drug discovery with a much needed understanding of remaining fundamental questions in cancer chemical systems biology. To this aim, I have joined the ICR to perform the project "Harnessing polypharmacology in Cancer Therapeutics", aiming at identifying new targets of cancer drugs that qualify as biomarkers of exceptional patient response using in silico target profiling and data from Phase I clinical trials at the Royal Marsden Hospital. The ultimate aim of the project is to expand the uses of cancer drugs in selected patient populations and drug combinations. I also collaborate in the development of the knowledgebase canSAR and my interest in chemical probes has recently yielded Probe Miner, a website resource to help researchers objectively assess and select chemical probes for their target of interest using data science. I also serve as Associate Director of Chemoinformatics in the non-profit Chemical Probes Portal. This personal webpage aims to comprehensively collect all my research and publications, from papers to presentations and science dissemination activities. I will also try to regularly comment on the science I feel more close to. Welcome! 

VISION  Most drugs inhibit multiple targets but polypharmacology is rarely exploited in new drug discovery projects due to the limited availability of the necessary integrated multidisciplinary data to solve a two-fold challenge: 1) identify which targets to hit and which to avoid and 2) design small molecules with the desired target profile. The current explosion of scientific data in oncology offers an unprecedented opportunity to steer polypharmacology to design multi-target drugs that overcome resistance – the biggest limitation we currently face in cancer treatment. Accordingly, it is urgent that we develop data science approaches to facilitate multi-target drug design comprehensively, consistently and at scale.

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