The Award Ceremony of my La Caixa Junior Leader fellowship was held in Barcelona on the 22nd March 2023. As part of the La Caixa press release, I, alongside three colleagues, was interviewed in both Spanish and Catalan. You can find the press release here and interviews are also available in youtube. Following the press release, I was briefly interviewed by La Xarxa Ràdio (minute 42 onwards), a local media from Diputació de Barcelona. Diari de Girona also covered the news, highlighting that I was among the three awardees from Girona counties. IDIBELL and ICO also covered the news.



I was interviewed by Malorye Allison Branca, contributing editor of the specialized magazine Clinical Omics, about the challenges and opportunities of Big Data in Drug Discovery and Development and, together with other scientists, were cited in the following piece "Precision Medicine's Killer Apps? AI and Big Data Rev Uo Discovery and Development":



The publication of our article describing the Probe Miner website resource and entitled "Objective, Quantitative, Data-Driven Assessment of Chemical Probes" in Cell Chemical Biology prompted the publication of an ICR press release that received attention from several national and international media.

Professor Paul Workman published a nice post about our research in his blog 'The Drug Discoverer' arguing about the importance of selecting and using chemical probes appropriately and how the expert-curated online resource The Chemical Probes Portal and the data-driven and objective assessment resource Probe Miner can be used in conjunction to improve how scientists select and use chemical probes.



The Scientist also covered the publication of Probe Miner with a nice piece entitled "New Resource Ranks Chemical Probes for Human Proteins". Moreover, MedChemNet also contacted us to write an editorial for their spotlight on target validation focusing on chemical probes that we named "Selection of chemical probes for target validation" and Laboratory News will also feature an editorial written by us on its next number.


I was interviewed for the new section in the Wellcome section 'Develop your research career' that features very useful advice and information about funding oportunities and also some researchers' stories. You will find my story in the postdoctoral section.



Our selection for the cover of the February 2015 issue of ACS Chemical Biology prompted the publication of a press release from our institution in englishspanish and catalan. The press release was collected by Europa Press news agency (in catalan) and subsequently for  general written press (in spanish), written health press (in spanish) and 29 electronic news portals including the famous portal (in english) and La Vanguardia Digital (in spanish). It also had an impact on the social media, being tweeted 11 times and appeared in 6 Facebook posts.

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