February 2017 - present  Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow between the Institute of Cancer Research, Department of Data Science and Division of Cancer Therapeutics (London, UK), Columbia University (New York, USA) and the Medicines Discovery Catapult (Alderley Park, UK).

May 2019 - present  Associate Director of Chemoinformatics at the non-profit Chemical Probes Portal.

January 2015 - December 2016  Marie Curie - Tecniospring Postdoctoral Fellow between the Institute of Cancer Research, Division of Cancer Therapeutics in London, UK and the Systems Pharmacology Group from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute in Barcelona, Spain.

October 2007 – December 2008: Molecular Modelling Department, R&D, SALVAT Laboratories, Barcelona (Spain). Research Grant for a joint project between the pharmaceutical company SALVAT Laboratories and the Molecular Design Lab at Ramon Llull University in 11b-HSD1 drug discovery.

   · Patent Application: PCT/ES2010/000258, WO/2010/139827 WIPO

April 2007 – September 2007: Chemoinformatics and molecular modelling auxiliar scientist. Joint project between Modesto Orozco Lab (IRB - BSC), Juan Fernandez-Recio Lab (BSC) and the biotech company Genmedica Therapeutics.

July 2005 – September 2005: Undergraduate summer placement as science technician to set up a fragment database for NMR Fragment Based Drug Discovery for the biotech company CrystaX Pharmaceuticals (later merged with Oryzon).



2009-2014 European PhD in Pharmacoinformatics EUROPIN at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), Barcelona, Spain. Systems Pharmacology Group (advisor: Dr. Jordi Mestres)

2002-2007 MSc and BSc in Organic Chemistry at Ramon Llull University, IQS.



  • 2017 Best Poster communication at SEF 2017 (Spanish Pharmacological Society Annual Conference)
  • 2016 Sir Henry Wellcome PostDoctoral Fellowship
  • 2014/15 Extraordinary Award to the best PhD Thesis by Pompeu Fabra University
  • 2014 Marie Curie Tecniospring Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
  • 2011 FI AGAUR Predoctoral Research Fellowship from the Generalitat of Catalonia Government.
  • 2nd prize best science presenter PRBB in 2013 YouTube
  • 2nd prize Microscience from Politechnical University of Valencia 2012
  • El·lipse Science Dissemination 1st prize in 2010. 



  • Sir Henry Wellcome PostDoctoral Fellowship 2017. Awarding body: The Wellcome Trust. Grant Holder: Dr. Albert Antolin. Title of project: "Harnessing Polypharmacology in Precision Oncology" (204735/Z/16/Z). Ammount: 250,000 £. Dates: February 2017 - January 2021. Sponsor: Prof. Bissan Al-Lazikani. Mentor: Prof. Paul Workman
  • ICR Vacation Studentship Scheme 2016. Awarding body: The Institute of Cancer Research. Grant Holder: Dr. Bissan Al-Lazikani,  Dr. Albert Antolin & Mr. Kristoff Farkas-Pall. Title of project: "Drug discovery trees: tracing pharmacology evolution". Ammount: 2,000 £. Dates: 8 weeks starting June 2016.
  • Marie Curie Tecniospring PostDoctoral Fellowship. Awarding body: EU and Catalonia Government. Grant Holder: Dr. Jordi Mestres & Dr. Albert Antolin. Title of project: "Exploiting Systems Pharmacology in Cancer Therapeutics" (TECSPR14-1-0025). Ammount: 93,308 €. Dates: January 2015 - December 2016.
  • FI AGAUR Predoctoral Research Studentship. Awarding body: Catalonia Government. Grant Holder: Mr. Albert Antolin. Title of project: "The impact of polypharmacology in chemical biology". Ammount: 60,000 € aprox. Dates: February 2011 - February 2014.



"Probe Miner: objective, quantitative, data-driven assessment of chemical probes", BenevolentAI, London (UK), 2018.

"Harnessing polypharmacology in precision oncology and drug discovery", Micrographia Bio, London (UK), November 2021.



DarwinHealth Inc. (NYC, USA)



Spanish (native)

Catalan (native)

English (high level)

French (medium level)

Italian (medium level)

German (basic level)



June - December 2019: Columbia University in the City of New York (USA). Andrea Califano Lab.

April - May 2019: Medicines Discovery Catapult (UK). Prof. John Overington Group

July – October 2011: University of Perugia (Italy). Pellicciari Lab.

July – September 2006 (undergraduate summer placement): INSA-Toulouse (France). Pierre Monsan Lab.



ARITMO – Arhythmogenic Potential of Drugs HEALTH-2007-4.2-2:241679



Scientific Journals: Cancer Discovery, Nature Communications, Nucleic Acids Research, PLoS Biology, Scientific Reports, Marine Drugs, Molecular Informatics.

Research Councils: Dutch Research Council (NWO).

Universities: Pompeu Fabra University (MSc Bioinformatics for Health Sciences - Master Thesis & PhD Thesis 1st year evaluation committee)Rovira i Virgili University (PhD Nutrition and Metabolism - Member of the PhD Thesis Defence Committee).

Link to my reviewer profile at Publons




British Pharmacological Society






ICR PostDoc Association Committee, IT representative (2015 - 2018)

LGBT+ Network (ICR & RMH), social representative (2017 - present)



Entrepeneurship University of Cambridge, Judge Business school, Ignite 2016 course.

Project Management Europin training programme. website

Patenting  University of Barcelona, Patent center, courses on Pharmacy and Chemistry patents and patent transfer.

Technology valuation and transfer, venture capital Medicamentos Innovadores actions (website, course, jornadas), PRBB Intervals courses (website) and ACC1O courses.

Science writing and communication PRBB Intervals courses (website), ICR and Royal Society.

Grant and Fellowship writing ICR and Cancer Research UK (CRUK).



Computational Skills:

 - OS: Linux, UNIX and Windows

 - Data Science: Working knowledge in python, pandas data analysis library, sklearn, and R.

 - Software:

  • Drug Design Commercial Software: Schöridinger suit, MOE, Discovery Studio, ROCS (OpenEye), Volsurf and Metasite (Molecular Discovery), GOLD (CCDC).
  • Drug design non-commercial software: PyMol, Cactvs Browser, Autodock, etc.
  • Open-source chemoinformatics software and workflow systems: KNIME, RDKit.
  • In silico target profiling: CLARITY (developed at my PhD laboratory and now commercially available through the spin-off company Chemotargets).
  • Electronic notebook: Dotmatics
  • Data visualization, analysis and illustration: Vortex, Cytoscape, Illustrator.
  • Basic SQL skills
  • Experience working with and developing multidisciplinary databases (like Drugbank, Pubchem, ChEMBL, canSAR…) and website resources (like Probe Miner, FCP, iPHACE, PHARMATREK, etc.).
  • Bioinformatics: analysis of cancer cell line 'omics' data, gene expression and VIPER network-based inference of protein activity.
  • Analysis of clinical data.

Project management, including CRO outsourcing and multidisciplinary projects

Communication Skills: Good science communicator across different scientific disciplines.

Science writing and outreach

Teaching ICR course Introduction to Bioinformatics

Student supervision

Organisation of scientific meetings

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