The 2013 GRC on High-Throughput Chemistry and Chemical Biology (HTCCB) will feature cutting edge talks bridging the disciplines of organic chemistry and chemical biology, covering a diverse range of topics. Invited speakers from both industry and academia will focus on the latest advances in synthetic methodology, reaction discovery, chemical biology, medicinal chemistry, library synthesis and screening. An overarching theme of the meeting is the application of high-throughput experimentation to research problems in these fields. website

I presented a poster entitled "De-risking chemical biology: a critical view on the polypharmacology of chemical probes". Poster


The aim of this meeting is to bring together leading scientists working on data-driven computational modelling, with a common interest in unraveling the fundamental mechanisms that govern cell and tissue biology. Because this field of research is still budding, it is essential to exchange ideas and train the next generation of researchers to join the field. A key challenge is to cope with multiscale systems. website

I presented a poster entitled "Using cross-pharmacology networks to identify novel targets for chemical probes: The case of PARPs". poster

The summer school especially focuses on students and professionals who have a clear interest in learning the basics as well as latest developments in Drug Design. The program has put an emphasis on computational technologies used for the development of new drugs recently During the afternoon sessions the participants will have the opportunity to obtain hands-on training via computational exercises. website
I gave a short talk entitled "Towards a complete probing chemome of the PARP superfamily". presentation

The third European Chemical Biology Symposium (ECBS 2012) took place 1-3 July 2012, in Vienna. The event was held in the Festive Hall of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and the talks covered diverse topics ranging from screening and drug discovery, to systems biology and therapeutic innovation. website program

I was selected for a short talk entitled "De-risking chemical biology: identification of nove l confounding targets for PJ34 warns on its use to probe the biol ogical role of PARPs" presentation

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